Great Gift Ideas

gifts-for-men-onlineIt’s not always easy to shop for a man. After all, once the basics are covered, things such as socks, a decent pair of jeans, and a nice wallet, he is pretty content. This makes finding a thoughtful gift somewhat difficult. The trick is to be a little creative. You want to find a gift that is not only novel but useful as well.

Think of something that would make his day to day hassles easier. Nostalgic items are also great as they tend to bring out the kid in men. Here are 4 great gift ideas for men that are novel and useful.

Idea #1 – Wine

Is your man a wine or beer drinker? Because if he enjoys his wines, you can choose his favourite variety and buy wine by the case to be shipped to his work as a surprise. Just make sure he brings it home so you get to enjoy some as well 🙂

Idea #2 – Jawbone Jamboxwine-online

If the man in your life is a music lover, he will love the Jawbone Jambox. It is a small, portable Bluetooth stereo that will literally blast music from any device that is Bluetooth enabled. You can listen to 15 hours of music on this device with just one charge.

Besides being portable and wireless, the Jawbone has the ability to download music using the SmartSpeaker app. This means your man can now house all of his favorite songs right on this one device. Each Jambox comes with a built-in mic that can be used for recording music or videos. It can also be customized to any color you want. The cost of the Jawbone Jambox is around $150.

Idea #3 – iPega Wireless Bluetooth Controller

Most men love to play games. Not only do they love games, they love playing them on their smartphones. With the iPega Wireless Bluetooth Controller, the man in your life will be able to play his favorite games using an old school controller. It’s the perfect way to take his gaming experience to a whole new level.

Its available for most mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, PC Games, iPad, and Android. Just attach it to the device and start playing. The rechargeable battery allows for hours of fun time. And the best part is it will cost you less than $30.

socksIdea #4 – ManPacks

Chances are you have never heard of ManPacks. I hadn’t heard of them either until I started doing research for this article. The concept of ManPacks is really simple, yet innovative at the same time. ManPacks is a personal necessity delivery service. They provide everything a man needs to…well, be a man.

From socks to underwear, to condoms, the man in your life will never have to make a late night run to drugstore ever again. With ManPacks, all a man needs to do is log into the online platform and select what they need. The first order is shipped out within five days. Any follow-up orders will be set to begin delivery every other month or so.

Anytime an upcoming order is approaching, Manpacks will send out a reminder email. This gives you the opportunity to either postpone the delivery or make any necessary changes before the order gets shipped. Orders can be expedited if need be. Some of the brands you will find being sold on ManPacks include Calvin Klein, Nivea, Hanes, American Apparel etc. The average item in a man pack will cost anywhere between $5 and $40.

hot-wheelsIdea #5 – Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset

Sounds crazy I know. But trust me, there are thousands of men who would consider this the greatest gift ever. This playset will allow the man in your life to make his very own Hot Wheels set. And though it’s recommended for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old, I guarantee there are some 30-year-old men who will love it.

This cool little machine will turn sticks of wax into toy cars that are fully functional. Included with the kit you will find two molds, sticker sheets, three chassis, wax sticks, and of course, the car maker itself. You can get all of this on Amazon for less than $40.